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The Spiral Springs are the base of our products. There are two types of spiral springs: those of direct contact and those without contact.

The direct contact spring it’s also called spiral spring and the principal of its functioning is based on the torque that its generated when applying force in one of the surfaces of the laminated material that composes it. When receiving this force, the metal tends to roll up and naturally storage a huge quantity of energy in a limited space, same that its translated in force of tension. This property of storing energy is the one that allows the spiral springs to have an important role in the multiple purposes of our products.


The most commonly used materials in the spiral springs are the steel plate, the flattened wire and the patenting wire. So that a spiral spring can be used in the fabrication of seat belt retractors and all the other products, it's necessary to ensure the characteristics of strength and tension of the spring stay constant even under different environmental conditions or different stress levels. Also, its necessary to ensure the spring being of the highest durability, and it is precisely in these fields that HSPS technology stands out in the spiral springs fabrication.

Technical Features of Rolled Flat Wire Material

 Wire (Round shape)

 Cold Rolling

 Flat wire

Advantages of rolled flat wire with round edge

 Deburring is not necessary

 Round edge provides smooth and quiet operation of spring

 Hardness of wire can be controlled by rolling schedule

 Flexible production of spring (dimensions can be changed by rolling schedule)


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