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Technology and Tradition in Seatbelt Retractors

HS Power Spring México S.A. de C.V.

HS Power Spring México S.A. by C. V. was established in Aguascalientes, México in October 2014, after the invitation of one of its international customers, to participate in the development and growing of the automotive industry in México. HSPS starts operations in the Industrial park San Francisco IV (Aguascalientes,) in April 2015 and production in June of the same year.

HSPS combines the quality from the raw material and the high technology of its founders, Hayamizu Hatsujo y Suncall, in order to primarily produce seat belt retractors (SBR) of the highest reliability in the market. This strategic alliance of its founders allows HSPS to combine experience and safety with the highly trained Mexican workforce, to satisfy the demand of the national and international markets.

Technology and Tradition in Seatbelt Retractors

Hayamizu Hatsujo Co. Ltd.

It was founded in Takaoka, Japan in 1946, and it has made an impact ever since, as a leader in the manufacture and sales of spiral springs for automotive use, precision equipment and in recent years, for white goods as well.

With a penetration of 45% in the Japanese market, Hayamizu occupies the 1st place nationwide in SBR manufacture and sales, as well as the second place worldwide, with a penetration of 12% in the market. It should be noted that all the machinery used in Hayamizu´s production is designed in its premises and manufactured with its own technology.

Technology and Tradition in Seatbelt Retractors

Suncall Corporation

It was founded in 1943 in Kyoto, Japan. It started as a steel wire manufacturer to produce springs for aircraft engine valves. Suncall stands out for its cutting-edge technology in metal malleability, including the most advanced lamination techniques, heat treatment and metal die design.

In addition to its materials expertise, Suncall also stands out as a leader in the areas of high-precision and electronic component manufacturing, digital telecommunications and automation.

Suncall is defined as an integrated manufacturer, covering everything from high precision materials to processed products manufacture.


Our mission is to perform a job that contributes to the security of the people and the society.


Our aim is to implement an integrated production process, which includes from the materials to the final product, contributing the community and the society, through a unique technology.


  •  RESPONSIBILITY in our work

  •  COMPROMISE with the company

  •  RESPECT to the people and the way they are

  •  LOYAL to the principles, values and policies

  •  DISCIPLINE in our conduct and the policies compliance

Integral Policy

Our integral policy is to comply the laws and regulations in matters of the environment, quality, manufacture and sales of the Power Springs, satisfy the requirements of our clients and respond to the trust they and the society grant us, managing our environmental impact and committing ourselves with the care of the environment and the pollution prevention in an improvement field and continuous efficiencies in the performance of our SGI.